Juniper Woods Rules and Policies
We welcome you to Juniper Woods. In order to ensure a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment, we need your support for some basic conduct rules and policies.
Alcohol No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool or conversation pool. Public intoxication will not be tolerated. Such behavior could result in expulsion without refund or recourse. Alcohol is not allowed in closed drinking containers.
Campfires Campfires are permitted on each site in fire rings only. Do not cut trees on the grounds for firewood. Contain all fires and have equipment ready to fight fires. All fires must be extinguished when left unattended. Be extremely cautions especially in the woods and during drought conditions. Obey all fire safety rules.
Campsites Campsites are the property of Juniper Woods, therefore no items should be removed from the site except impermanent or personal items.  Juniper Woods is a Clothing Optional campground which means you can be dressed anywhere in the campground EXCEPT IN THE POOL AND CONVERSATION POOL, you are required to be NUDE,
Cell Phones Cell phones are only allowed on your site; no cell phones allowed at the pool, conversation pool or pavilion. Appropriate use of cell phones is expected. No pictures are to be taken with picture phones. Management will seize picture phones that are being used inappropriately.
Children Parents are responsible for their children's safety and behavior at all times. Children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at the pool, conversation pool and pavilion. Children are not permitted to use the conversation pool after 8:00 PM. Children who are not toilet trained, leak proof swimming pants are mandatory in the swimming pool. Children under 12 are not permitted to attend dances after 9:00 PM. Children 13 and older may remain at the dance until Midnight, if accompanied by parent(s).
Conduct Juniper Woods is a family-oriented resort and therefore no overt sexual behavior will be tolerated. Conduct is to be of the highest standards and appropriate for a family setting. Overt sexuality, sexually provocative behavior or suggestive behavior is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from camp. When nude, please sit upon your own towel.
Donations Donations maybe excepted by management of Juniper Woods with a signed agreement stating that donations become assets of Juniper Woods with no compensation for donations.
Drugs & Fire Arms Illegal drugs, fire arms, or public intoxication are not permitted or tolerated at the campground. Such behavior will result in expulsion without refund or recourse.
Fishing Fishing is catch and release. Do not harm or handle wild animals.
Glass Glass containers are not permitted on the grounds, except on your own site.
Pets Well-mannered pets are welcome. All pets are required to have a rabies certificate upon arrival. Dogs must be leashed at all times and may be walked on a leash along the wood line and the owner/walker must carry a means of cleaning up any pet indiscretions. Please do not walk pets in the recreation area, lawn, camp sites pool or conversation pool. No pets allowed in rental units.
Photos Cameras or video recorders are prohibited in public areas with out the permission of management and any person who will appear in the photograph. Photography of children requires the permission and presence of the child's parent, without exception! Management will designate an "official" photographer for resort events.
Pool A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older must be present when in the pool or conversation pool. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and are responsible for their safety and behvior. Do not consume alcoholic beverages before or when in the pool or conversation pool. Only members and registered visitors may use the pool and conversation pool. You are required by the State of New York to read and sign a pamphlet stating New York's bathing policy. Please shower before going into the pool or conversation pool. No running or diving,  IN THE POOL AND CONVERSATION POOL, you are required to be NUDE,
Quiet Hours Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM weekday and 12:AM to 8:00 AM on weekends and holidays.. No playing of musical instruments after 11:00 PM. Respect fellow members and guests.



All campers and day visitors must be registered at the office before going to the pool, site or rental.  Reservations canceled less then 48 hrs will be charged the nightly price of the rental units or campsite for each night reserved.

Safety There is no lifeguard on duty at the pool. All use of the pool, conversation pool and all recreational areas, facilities and equipment are at your own risk.
Smoking There is "no smoking" in the common areas. Designated areas will have receptacles provided for disposal of tobacco. Please do not litter grounds. Smoking is restricted to adults18 and older. No smoking in rental units.
Speed Limit The speed limit in the resort is 5 mph, including bicycles and golf carts. Pedestrians, and animals have the right of way.
Trash Trash must be emptied in the dumpster.  The dumpster is down the hill right hand site by the lake.. Do not empty trash from your trailer in the common area trash bins. Renters must put trash in dumpster.
Vehicles All vehicles must be registered. Seasonal/monthly single members one vehicle per site and Couples two vehicles per site. Notify management if you have extra vehicles.
Water Use water conservatively and release of gray water or sewage anywhere except in the dump stations is strictly prohibited. Thee is a $25 fee for removing the backflows from a site. Health Dept requirement.
Wildlife Do not harm, handle or feed wild animals.  Do not leave food, bird seed, trash on site will attract animals.
Juniper Woods has the right to determine an individuals or a family's suitability for continuing membership or attendance on the grounds. While it would be extremely unusual for someone to be asked to leave, we must make clear that management has the right to take that step without refund or recourse.

American Association for Nude Recreation The Naturist Society Campground Owners of New York

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